Month: December 2021

Fifth wheel shower wall repair showing holes where rivets were broken

Fifth Wheel Shower Wall Repair

RV shower wall repaired with PVC trim molding and new rivets The owner of a Sprinter fifthwheel RV contacted me in Sonoma County with a broken shower wall. Flexing in the walls caused warping to the shower wall. The rivets shattered the PVC wall material where these rivets attached the shower wall lining to the […]

RV skylight with cracked caulking seal will easily leak rain water

Keep caulking the roof seams

The most common reason for leaks in RV roofs is failed caulking. Over the years, I have seen many examples of damage from water leaks in RVs. Many are so badly damaged that constant water intrusion has caused a roof to collapse. In three separate cases in the last year, the rubber roof membrane is […]

RV 50 amp plug and socket

Burned RV 50 amp socket

RV shore power 50 amp socket connection burned causing electrical failure Cloverdale, California – A regular client called me to say the lights are dimming and there is no power to run the fridge or any electrical outlets. Inspection showed a full 120 volts at the campground’s power pedestal and power to the outlet end […]

Plumbing and electrical mixed in RV water system

Class A Motorhome fills freshwater tank on city water

A Fleetwood Southwind owner reported that when he connected to city water, he could hear the freshwater tank filling! The customer was located in Pismo Beach, nearly 300 miles south from me, so he arranged to fill the freshwater tank, remove the city water connection, and use the onboard water pump. This helped him continue […]