Author: Alan ONeill

Image shows Suburban brand RV water heater electric switch

New feature on RV Water Heaters

Do you need a special part or tools to repair and maintain your RV water heater? Just added! A new feature on repairing RV water heaters with a list of some of the tools and parts you may need. RV water heaters are very reliable and maintenance tasks can be quite easy for any handy […]

RV rubber roof with flaking silicone caulk after only two years

RV Roof Sealing

Do not use silicone caulk! Silicone sealant is great indoors for caulking cabinets, but it does not work on RV exterior surfaces for two reasons. First one: RV Roofs made of rubber either EPDM or EPO will not allow adhesion of silicone. Secondly, if you do use silicone in areas of aluminum trim and fiberglass […]

Image of RV toilet shut-off valve

RV Toilet Water Valve Upgrade

RV Toilets are not designed to be as tough as household domestic toilets. I have had to replace the water inlet valves in both my RVs three times in as many years. I live between my RVs, so they are almost used fulltime. When the flush valve leaks, the water drips into the bowl, but […]

Image of improper ventilation of Norcold 1210 refrigerator

Norcold RV Refrigerator cooling problems

Sonoma County, California. A recent call to help a customer with his Norcold refrigerator revealed some problems created at the factory. This beautifully presented Class A diesel pusher has the Norcold N1210 icemaker four door refrigerator. The customer reported that he was never able to make ice or keep anything frozen in his RV fridge. […]

RV Damage Repair

A customer called recently asking if I can repair body damage to his Class C Winnebago. It’s not possible to answer a question like this over the phone, so I arranged an inspection appointment. The poor RV owner swung too hard next to a garage corner and twisted the contoured corner trim and tore the […]

Image of RV furnace and ducting

How’s your RV furnace duct?

RV furnaces run the fan directly from the 12 volt system and heating from propane. None of the 120 volt supply is necessary to run an RV furnace. This is great for boon docking and saving on heating costs where RV parks charge extra for electricity, but at best, the efficiency is around 70 percent.  […]

Destination trailer slideout alignment

Mobile Home Slideout realignment

In Cloverdale, California, a customer contacted me about a slideout that would not close properly in his destination trailer. He was able to move it thanks to some strong neighbors and clever use of rope to secure the load, but the 14 foot slide was closed at the front and remained open by nearly a […]

Thermostat and ECO on Attwood RV water heater

Atwood RV Water Heater Repair

A customer just called me about an RV water heating problem in Sonoma County, California. City power has just been switched off by PG&E due to high winds and low humidity causing a high wildfire risk. Warning! See footnote about safety when working on or around RV water heaters. > See our feature on water […]