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RV skylight with cracked caulking seal will easily leak rain water

Keep caulking the roof seams

The most common reason for leaks in RV roofs is failed caulking. Over the years, I have seen many examples of damage from water leaks in RVs. Many are so badly damaged that constant water intrusion has caused a roof to collapse. In three separate cases in the last year, the rubber roof membrane is […]

RV rubber roof with flaking silicone caulk after only two years

RV Roof Sealing

Do not use silicone caulk! Silicone sealant is great indoors for caulking cabinets, but it does not work on RV exterior surfaces for two reasons. First one: RV Roofs made of rubber either EPDM or EPO will not allow adhesion of silicone. Secondly, if you do use silicone in areas of aluminum trim and fiberglass […]