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RV Tankless water heater

Tankless RV Water Heater

Tankless RV water heaters … hot water for as long as your propane, 12 volt power, and water supply lasts … Purchasing items using the provided Amazon links may generate a small commission to Happy Campers RV Repairs which provides income for maintenance of this website. Thank you in advance if you do proceed to […]

Image shows Suburban brand RV water heater electric switch

New feature on RV Water Heaters

Do you need a special part or tools to repair and maintain your RV water heater? Just added! A new feature on repairing RV water heaters with a list of some of the tools and parts you may need. RV water heaters are very reliable and maintenance tasks can be quite easy for any handy […]

Thermostat and ECO on Attwood RV water heater

Atwood RV Water Heater Repair

A customer just called me about an RV water heating problem in Sonoma County, California. City power has just been switched off by PG&E due to high winds and low humidity causing a high wildfire risk. Warning! See footnote about safety when working on or around RV water heaters. > See our feature on water […]